women and the australian church

Modelling new ways of being church,
based on a “discipleship of equals”

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WATAC Presents

Two invited guests speak about an area of their expertise or passion, then respond to participant’s questions.  

Via Zoom. 7.00 pm Sydney time.

WATAC in Dialogue

Focused dialogue with WATAC members about contemporary and issues such as women’s ministry & spirituality. 

Via Zoom. 8.00 pm Sydney time.

Australian Women Preach

Australian Women Preach Podcast showcases preaching by Christian women from all denominations.


Quarterly newsletter distributed to WATAC members denominations.

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The WATAC community invites you to join us for reflection, dialogue and community.
We acknowledge the First Nations peoples of Australia, the traditional custodians
of the land, seas, skies and waterways on which we reside, work, travel and meet.
We pay our respect to First Nations elders past, present, and emerging, and support the Uluru Statement From The Heart.
We acknowledge that the land, seas, skies and waterways of Australia were,
are and always will be, that of the First Nations peoples.