Sue Wittenoom

The new parish priest at St Canice's in Kings Cross has upended the spatial experiment that shaped the community for the last two decades.

Dr Patricia Madigan OP

The land in which Jesus was born, the Roman province of Judaea, was part of the Roman Empire ruled by the emperor Tiberius. It was in this historical setting that the first communities of Christians had to find their way.


Catholicism “must grow up”, reform leader tells big Australian audience Catholics want a reformed Church Catholic reform leader, Sr Joan Chittister OSB, …


(Associate Professor Mary Coloe. 17/11/2019) Who recalls this consultation “On the Participation of Women in the Church in Australia,” – and this …

Louise Roach

Was her “yes” so unconventional. Betrothed already to Joseph, a family must have been on the agenda. Young. Yes. Unconventional age for …

Andrea Dean

Recently I stumbled upon a book by an English researcher, Nicola Slee, who has some great insights into women’s faith/spiritual development. She …

Jacqui Remond

Jacqui graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Education and Science (1997), and is currently undertaking a PhD in …

Anne Armstong

When I was given Chris Geraghty’s book Virgins and Jezebels to review, I gritted my teeth and wailed to myself yet again. Why do we need another religious male voice published by religious publishers being given pre-eminence in the scholarly domain of misogyny in early Christian communities and onwards?